The London Criminal Justice Reform Programme

Working with offenders

Increasing offender compliance

The Supported Compliance initiative aims to inform offenders about the importance of complying with their community sentences. Coordinated by the London Criminal Justice Partnership (CJP) ‘Supported Compliance’ is being rolled out across the whole of London following a successful eight month pilot across the six Diamond boroughs – Croydon, Hackney, Lambeth, Lewisham, Newham and Southwark.

Offenders who are made subject to a community or suspended sentence order by the court, will be visited at home by a member the Safer Neighbourhood teams reminding them of the requirements of their court order, whilst at the same time discussing with them the reasons behind their offending behaviour. If the offender fails to heed the advice and fails to attend the first appointment, a second visit takes place to serve the required warning notice.

Evaluation of a pilot scheme in the six London boroughs achieved a 31% increase in offender compliance.

Integrated Offender Management (IOM)

The London CJP is working closely with London Probation Trust to develop a pan-London Integrated Offender Management strategy.

The Diamond Initiative

The Diamond Initiative was an innovative and ambitious two-year project that explored the use of a justice reinvestment approach in London. It aimed to break the cycle of re-offending among adults who have served sentences of less than 12 months by focusing multi-agency resources, centred on the work of local policing and probation, in six London pilot areas.
The comprehensive evaluation of the project is now available and provides an unprecedented quality of evidence in this area and marks a significant contribution to the evidence base on reducing re-offending.

Our work with young people

The London Youth Reducing Re-offending Programme (Daedalus)

The London Youth Reducing Re-offending Programme (Daedalus) focuses on developing a new approach for supporting young people in custody through to the community. This programme is one of several initiatives within The Mayor’s Time for Action plan, which aims to improve opportunities for young people in London. The programme aims to break the cycle of youth re-offending by delivering intensive resettlement support inside custody and upon release into the community.

The London CJP is working in partnership with local authorities (Youth Offending Teams), National Offender Management Service (HMYOI Feltham), Youth Justice Board, Greater London Authority and the London Development Agency to pilot the programme across London.

The Partnership has commissioned an interim evaluation report from Ipsos Mori for the London Youth Reducing Re-offending Programme (Daedalus). This follows the emerging findings report which was published in May 2010. The latest report is a process evaluation which shows young people are continuing to speak positively about their experience of the programme so far. The report speaks of the experiences of the heron unit regime, relationships with staff including the resettlement brokers and also the stakeholder experience of the governance arrangements and the payment by results model. A final report will be produced in March 2012 which will show a reconviction analysis and economic impact analysis with a view to drawing conclusions as to the effectiveness of the programme to reduce re-offending.

For any queries please contact Monica Sharma – Programme Director for the London Youth Reducing Re-offending Programme (Daedalus).

The London CJP has commissioned Ipsos MORI to review the early stages of the programme. The Emerging Findings report focuses on the experiences of young people travelling through the programme so far. The report shows that young people feel they are having a positive experience through the custody and community stages.

LDA/ESF specifications 2-4

The London Criminal Justice Partnership is responsible for the governance and co-ordination of the LDA/ESF specifications 2-4. These involve resettlement programmes across London which focus on working with young people and/or young adults in custody and/or the community. The London CJP is working in close partnership with CJS agencies, local authorities and the following delivery partners: Nacro, Catch 22, St Giles, Serco and the London Probation Trust.

Youth review

The London Criminal Justice Partnership has undertaken a review of CJS youth related activity across London, with a view to identifying future development priorities. This is a timely review as the youth justice system overall has seen significant improvement in recent years but there are still serious challenges - for example the issue of serious youth violence in London.

The review has looked at the end to end CJS related ‘journey’ for young people, identifying key points of interaction with the system and the interventions that are most likely to contribute to public safety, reduce re-offending, and helping young people realise a positive future. This work has considered the steps CJS partners can take to deal with issues faced by young people who offend, victims and witnesses, families and communities.

This review, supported by the Mayor’s office and the London Criminal Justice Partnership, has been led by Graham Robb. Graham is a member of the London Criminal Justice Partnership, a member of the Youth Justice Board and the London Serious Youth Violence Board and therefore well placed to oversee this work.

Please contact Programme Director at London CJP if you would like more information in relation to the youth review.